qsub parallel jobs to cluster “jhpce”

Recently I’ve been asked a couple times about how to submit parallel jobs to the cluster. It won’t take many steps if all one needs is embarrassing parallelization (i.e., the program within each parallel job doesn’t depend on each other).

Check out this github repo: https://github.com/tqian/parallel_qsub for a quick example on how to use qsub -t [jobIDs] [shell script] to submit parallel jobs to the cluster.

I’m sure there are other ways to do this, and would love to learn about them. So, feel free to leave a comment 😀

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One comment on “qsub parallel jobs to cluster “jhpce”

  1. vladimir@gmail.com says:

    Super helpful, Tianchen! What do you think about qsub (or bsub) Matlab codes, Tianchen? It would be so helpful if you could offer your insights regarding difference between qsub across different platforms (R, Matlab, Python, etc.) 🙂

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